every saturday 8:30AM

a good space to have a yarn 

| Fellowship | moment to be a mirror for each other


The breakfast is a chance to chat, share each other’s stories while encouraging and supporting each other – of course we usually have breakfast or a cuppa together. We are from different churches….. or not, and we all have challenges and trauma (faith or no faith) – how do we move forward? –  Let’s explore Jesus, who is the potential in all of us. But we’re not here to sell you another set of philosophies or change you, it’s not our job.

We also connect with other men from around the world through the Bridge Street Fellowship Group once every month as we share and contribute to the bigger story of our faith.


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Not a Christian, no problem. We won’t change you, it’s not our job but we’re here to just hang out.

Where: Our breakfast is in various venues. Just RSVP and we’ll let you know.

When: 8.30AM, every first Saturday of every month.