2023 retreat – 31 March & 1st April at Wyangala Dam





Topic for the retreat: What is a FAIR DINKUM CHRISTIAN MAN?

I grew up around  farmers, tradesmen, shearer’s, dozer drivers and truckies, in fact I’ve had a crack at most of those myself (jack of all trades, master of none). I’ve also sat in college and listened to professors and theologians and became a preacher/pastor. I’ve met fair-dinkum Christian men in every one of those contexts and some that weren’t.  What does it mean to be a fair-dinkum Christian man? Well, it’s got nothing to do with what your job is or who your family is. It’s got nothing to do with how disappointing or awesome you think you are. No, it’s simply about your attitude to Jesus Christ and your attitude to yourself. A fair-dinkum Christian bloke has his eyes off himself and on Jesus. Following Jesus hasn’t made me rich, famous or cool but he has forgiven me and given me purpose and hope that nothing in this life can take from me. This year I aim to help the blokes who come to work out what it would look like for them to be a fair-dinkum Christian version of themselves.

Saturday with Bruce Bennet, who will feed us deeper so that we individually and collectively meet the Word and challenge us about how to walk as fair dinkum men according to His measurement.




Friday afternoon – In front of the fire, Gary Steenbergen (Men of meat, Young Baptist pastor) will share a message about our first love – Jesus, who walks with us and shows us how to be fair dinkum. Gary will shape the meat with practiced skill, line by line, grain by grain, ensuring that each cut is true and precise, before it is transformed into nourishment for the masculine body.


Come to the Central West (Cowra NSW) and hear about being a Fair Dinkum man. The 6th Fair Dinkum Men’s retreat will be held at Wyangala Dam on 31st March 1st April, 2023. 


Friday afternoon from 5PM till late + dinner 

In front of the fire with Gary Steenbergen (Men of Meat, Young Baptist).

  • Dinner/ tea/ coffee will be included


Saturday (Starting at 8AM) with Bruce bennet

Will consist of

  • Bruce Bennet (farmer, Christian leader, and life coach) talking about the Christian fair dinkum men, growing from the inside.
  • Bushwalking
  • Swimming
  • Connecting and meeting others
  • Breakfast/lunch/snacks will be included


Map to site



  • Option 1 – Sleeping in the hall at a cost of $10 (bring own bedding required + mattress given the hard floor) . If you want to take this option then tick the box when you register.
  • Option 2 – Contact the park administration to book cabins/bungalows/ camp areas.


Other forms of accommodation:

Organise your own accommodation/camping site with Wyangala Waters Inland Holiday Park if you DO not elect to sleep in the hall:
(02) 6345 0877 or info@wyangalawaters.com.au
2891 Reg Hailstone Way, Wyangala (Wyangala Dam).


More information on the park is available at:

Unable to pay for the full price of the registration?

If you have trouble paying the registration fee, please click here, we will certainly endeavor to accommodate your situation .

cost for catering

Cost: There are 4 payment options:
1. Full weekend – $70
2. Saturday only – $50

3. Child (Over 12) Full Retreat – $50
4. Child (Over 12) Sat Only – $30
5. Child (Under 12) – FREE




  • Pay online via internet banking, we’ll email you the details when you register
  • Depositing into the nominated account with cash or a cheque
  • Pay cash on the day, just let us know when you register or call us: 0403 088 506 


2023 Speaker Profiles

Bruce Bennet

Bruce is married to Robyn, they have four adult children and eight grand children. Bruce came to ministry from a farming background and has spent his ministry pastoring churches in country NSW.

After leaving Moore college he worked in the Armidale Diocese and then moved to Orange to lead the ministry at Orange Evangelical Church. Bruce has been very involved in FIEC from its inception and began working with Reach Australia in 2019, particularly in regional and rural areas.

In 2021 Bruce handed on the ministry reigns at OEC and began working with FIEC and RA. His time is split 50/50 between both organisations encouraging pastors in the FIEC network and working with RA in country Australia.

Being a boy from the bush Bruce longs to see healthy and reproductive churches right across country Australia. When he gets a chance he likes shooting and catching up with his kids and grand kids.

Gary Steenbergen

Gary Steenbergen has been a butcher since he was 14 years old. His trade comes from a long line of skilled craftsmen as a butcher starting from his grandfather to Gary’s father. Gary’s craftsmanship can now be extended to be used as a tool to speak the goodness of God known as “Men of Meat”. Gary is married to Andrea and they have five boys. For the past 20 years, Gary owned a butcher business in Young, NSW until five years ago when they sold the business at the right time because of Gary’s life circumstances to transition into a position as Young’s Baptist pastor.

The goal of the camp is fellowship and connecting/ reconnecting

  • Kayaking
  • Bushwalking
  • Swimming
  • Sitting around
  • Connecting