There will be two dinners in 2018. The first one will be June 15th with Joseph Santamaria.

Joseph Santamaria was born in 1967 to an Italian father and Maltese mother; from mid-1976 to May 1983 he lived in Frankston Victoria where he experienced racism due to his family’s ethnicity. His family then moved to the Ballarat region of Victoria at the age of 15 to try the hobby farm life. Joseph worked in factories for two decades and currently works as a Property and Services Manager overseeing the maintenance and partial development of two Christian College’s. One is from kinder to year twelve and the other is prep to grade 6 and growing. He also currently pastors a church in Dandenong Victoria.

He always tried to obtain his manhood by the world’s standards, but wondered what is it to be a man and what purpose does man really have in the world? Why are we here? In 1991 he decided to commit suicide, but God spoke to him and said “Wait! There’s something for you. There is a purpose for your life.” He decided to wait and did for another four years to see if there was a purpose to continue to live life, but this was not easy. In that time, however he had an encounter with Jesus and was born again, grew strong in Christ and developed spiritually through seasons with Christ and a series of leadership roles in the church. Joseph is married with one son and enjoys time with his family, gardening, watching movies, camping, fishing, 4wdriving, riding motorbikes, welding projects and handyman activities. He believes the key to a fulfilled life is to totally surrender to Jesus Christ.

The second on will be on the 19th of October with Dr John Anderson

Dr John Anderson graduated in medicine from the University of Melbourne in 1967. After residency at Ballarat Base Hospital, he commenced full time military service with the Royal Australian Navy. His naval specialty was in diving medicine, and submarine escape and rescue, and he is a former Officer-in-Charge of the Navy’s Submarine and Underwater Medicine Unit at Balmoral, NSW. Dramatically converted from atheism in 1977, John completed a Licentiate in Theology (ThL) in 1984. He retired from the Navy in 1986 in the rank of Commander, and moved to the NSW Central Coast to commence general medical practice. He has recently retired from General Practice and speaks part-time for Creation Ministries International.